About us

In the Mindfulness Association we feel that mindfulness is a way of life rather than brief intervetionto alleviate the symptoms of imbalance. We practice attentive presence, responding with kindness to the difficulties we experience, and begin to see deeply embedded our habitual  patterns of thoughts, feelings, and behaviors. We look at them with curiosity and explore all our potential making choices about how we live in relation to ourselves and our world. Everyday.


Meet us

Anna Zubrzycki

Actress, Mindfulness and Compassion tutor. He sings and practices mindfulness for years in life and in theatre, in the morning in silence, in the evening at the spotlights on stage, reading fairy tales with her beloved granddaughters. Happy person.


Krystyna Boroń-Krupińska

Academic lecturer looking for opportunities to be mindful in (almost) every circumstances. Mom of three-year-old little man. Sometimes calm, sometimes mad.


Angie Ball

Lead tutor/trainer for the Mindfulness Association U.K. and long term practitioner of meditation and mindfulness. She loves to travel and facilitate mindfulness, compassion and insight courses in Europe and especially Poland. A trained therapist experienced in group work, incorporating mindfulness with self-reflective writing and the creative medium of art materials. She loves to sing, write, garden and spend time with her family and friends.

Łukasz Juszczuk

Psychologist, therapist, teacher who hopes that he will always be where he is now. Beyond that, a smart thinker with a strong action.


Piotr Jan Panasiuk

From university graduate of management studies working full time as business manager. From passion certified soft skills trainer exploring areas where psychology meets spirituality. Practician and teacher (certification in progress) of Mindfulness Meditation and Non Violent Communication (NVC).